Veggie Pro

Natural Choice Products is pleased to offer a unique, new product, Veggie Pro.  Veggie Pro is a vegetarian protein powder that is highly digestible. NCP’s Veggie Pro is made from Golden Pea Kernels, a total vegetable source, combined with soluble rice fiber, making this a complete protein combination.   It also contains a complete balanced profile of amino acids. These essential and nonessential amino acids have been shown to benefit human growth and development, athletic performance, and recovery from stress, among other potential attributes.

The color and flavor of pea protein powder is mild and lends itself to the individual flavorings and modifications of the user based on their own requirements and dietary considerations. The product can be incorporated into drinks, smoothies, shakes, crackers, chips, snack treats, soups, pie crust, pasta, vegetable meat loaf, or special sauces.

The product is free of casein, gluten, corn, soy, dairy, colors, flavors, yeast and preservatives.  

Veggie Pro 22 oz.- $60.00

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